Welcome on my website ! I’m Caroline Langlet, I’m a post-doc at LTCI (Télécom Paris) and ISIR (Sorbonne Université) in Paris. My research concerns the analysis of the user’s verbal in interaction with a group of virtual agents for detecting verbal clues of social and task cohesion.

Last year (2018-2019), I was a teaching assistant (Ater in french) in computer science at Paris Sorbonne Université

As a PHD Student at Telecom ParisTech-LTCI in the Greta Team, I worked on a computational model for the detection of the user’s likes and dislikes in face-to- face and speech-to-speech human-agent conversations. My work was pursued under the supervision of Chloé Clavel and Catherine Pelachaud.

Before my PHD, I was involved, as a research engineer, in the OntOpiTex project (Paris IV-La Sorbonne, Paris, France). The OntOpiTex project aimed to design a computational model for the extraction of opinions expressed in a press corpus.

Research Interests

  • Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Human-Agent Conversations
  • Affective Computing

mail : langlet(dot)caro(at)gmail(dot)com